John Colonna

Principal Lawyer, Accredited Costs Law Specialist

John is an Accredited Costs Law Specialist and currently sits on the Law Institute of Victoria's Costs Law Executive Committee and the Costs Law Advisory Committee.

John has practiced exclusively as a costs lawyer since his admission to practice, initially at a private firm of costs consultants and then at a major national plaintiff-focused legal practice. He currently manages LIV Costs Lawyers.

John appears regularly as an advocate before the Costs Court both in mediations and upon taxation of contested bills of costs. He is experienced in assisting firms settle matters efficiently and economically, including in advising as to appropriate ranges for negotiation.

John’s experience as a costs advocate gives him invaluable expertise in drawing bills and objections. Being regularly exposed to rulings made on items in bills, John is well placed to advise solicitors how to maximise their costs recovery, or minimise their clients’ liability to pay another party’s costs.

Trish Coleman

Senior Lawyer

Trish has been a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Victoria since 1978. She holds a current Principal Practicing Certificate under the Legal Profession Uniform Law Application Act 2014.

Trish has been a Costs Lawyer since 1987 and has worked with LIV Costs Lawyers since 1992.

Trish has costed thousands of files pursuant to scales of costs in the Victorian, Tasmanian, South Australian and federal jurisdictions, and has a wealth of experience including in the application of esoteric scales of costs. She has appeared as an advocate at taxations in all jurisdictions.

April Scarlett

Costs Lawyer

April has been with the LIV Costs Lawyers since 2017. She brings new information technology and data management skills to the team, and uses these to maximise positive costs outcomes for clients.

April has experience in drawing bills of costs for law practices and administrators and preparing objections. She appears on behalf of clients upon mediations and taxations in the Costs Court. She also has experience providing advice to solicitors in relation to costs disputes and conducting assessments.

Brigitte Tyrrell

Administrative Assistant

Brigitte is the centre of the LIV Costs Lawyers Team. She coordinates the large volume of files flowing through the office and is the first point of call for inquiries.